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CPR Is A New Resource for Physicians and Counsel In Dealing With Regulatory Administrative Legal Matters.

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Welcome to CPR – The Center for Physician Rights

C P R – The Center for Physician Rights is a highly focused non-profit organization dedicated specifically to helping physicians who believe they have been wrongfully subjected to an unfair medical board disciplinary process, physician health program (PHP) fitness-for-duty evaluation or peer review process, and have been deprived of due process or other protected legal rights.

Having studied these issues for more than five years, we noted that with each published article and commentary we wrote, with each blog post and webinar we did, affected physicians sought us out to share their plight and ask for our guidance.

It is clear that C P R – The Center for Physician Rights is desperately needed, an organization well versed in the issues explicitly dedicated to challenging this administrative-legal abuse and to providing support, guidance, and advocacy for the physician.

C P R provides support and guidance to physicians who are preparing to respond or are in the process of legally challenging an administrative assessment process that they believe is biased or inappropriate.

CPR is poised to become the central organization aggressively pursuing necessary changes in the administrative legal arena to ensure fairness, prevent abuse of power and promote ethical and compassionate treatment.

Our Mission

CPR’s focus is to serve as the leading resource for physicians and physicians in training who feel that their established rights could be or have already been wrongfully infringed by Medical Licensing Boards, Physician Health Programs and corporate medical Peer Review Committees.

CPR is the first of its kind to offer specialized informational, consultative and advocacy for physicians and their counsel focusing on ensuring that fair and transparent processes are undertaken by Medical Licensing Boards, Physician Health Programs and Peer Review entities in all of their disciplinary, rehabilitative and remedial actions.

CPR’s Services

CPR is developing a coordinated strategic approach to provide supportive and advisory services to affected physicians. The services and resources that CPR provides or are in development are:

Pursue Organizational and Legislative Change

After years fo study and hearing hundreds of stories of physicians whose rights have been abused, we are determined to change the system that is currently depriving physicians of their rights. CPR intends to promote a variety of initiatives for organizational and legislative change. For example, we anticipate advocating for a transparent system of independent national auditing of all state medical licensing board, medical staff peer review committees and Physician Health Programs to ensure compliance with all legal and ethical requirements including providing prompt and fair adjudication and establishing oversight and accountability of these entities.

In-Depth Case Review and Mentoring Program

Subsequent to having a curbside consultation, a physician may wish to engage us also in confidence to conduct a detailed case review and help layout the pathways to move forward. We offer a tailored program (fee-based and, if available, scholarship-based) of one-to-one and group coaching providing informed guidance on essential principles in approaching these matters. We invite physicians’ counsel to participate in select discussions to whatever extent they are available and legally capable of doing so. Our signature offering “Your Professional Life Matters Consultation and Coaching Program” is available after engaging in an initial “curbside consultation.”)

Serve As The Central Authoritative Informational and Consultative Resource

CPR will develop an informational website and produce a monthly e-newsletter / blog updating subscribers of relevant developments.

We will serve as the definitive “go to” knowledge resource by establishing a centralized reference library with essential resources based on our extensive research and cumulatively accruing knowledge of judicial decisions, case trends and operant MLB, PHP and peer review philosophies.

We intend to offer informational webinars and in-person presentations to medical staffs, state medical societies, and professional associations. We will encourage national associations which represent state medical boards and Physician Health Programs to host our presentations.

Provide Vitally Needed Peer Support

CPR has begun to offer a safe and readily accessible forum for peer support, providing one-to-one confidential dialog with a concerned and knowledgeable physician. We soon hope to create a restricted access private forum for confidential peer support groups.

“Curbside Consultation”

We offer to serve as an independent and confidential “sounding board” regarding a licensing board, PHP or peer review issue, offering straightforward feedback and an overview of pathways to move forward and caveats to consider. This is a fee-optional service made possible by contributions.

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