REPLAY: The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape


Negotiating The Increasingly Perilous Medical Licensing – Peer Review – Physician Health Program Landscape

Learn What You Can – And Must – Do To Protect Your Medical License

Physicians are under siege from a host of forces. Amongst the most career threatening and yet little known assault are those pertaining to the administrative medicolegal arena, i.e. medical licensing boards, physician health programs, and credentialing and peer review committees.

Together with my colleague Michael Langan MD, author of The Disrupted Physician blog (, we presented a groundbreaking informational webinar specifically covering this little understood area. 

Here’s the link to view the replay and download the handout:

The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape

We’ve guided scores of physicians through sham peer review proceedings; bogus board investigations of anonymously sourced complaints; unwarranted referrals to Physician Health Programs for allegations of impairment or wrongdoing; falsely being labeled a “disruptive physician;” and many other career-threatening challenges.

These are critically important issues which could derail your career and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal struggle and even more in lost income and psychological distress. We’ve seen it first hand; we’ve  traveled the territory.

Incorrectly handling these or simply “handing them off to one’s lawyer” believing they’ll be dispensed with can be the death knell of your career. 

Is Your Medical License In Jeopardy?

Before you make another step in dealing with these agencies, we believe it’s vital that you learn what could be the difference between your successfully preserving your license and your being deprived of all that you’ve worked for in your career. In this very concise 30 minute webinar, we’re going to cover a lot of ground. 

I encourage you to pass the link around to colleagues who might be facing these struggles. Perhaps even especially with those who have already faced these challenges; we’re eager to learn from them about what works and what doesn’t. 

And yes, you can share with your attorney! We’re pleased to have advised multiple attorneys around the country in these complex matters that are unique to the healthcare arena. In fact, we’ve discovered that very few attorneys can sufficiently grasp these administrative challenges which are unique to the healthcare arena without knowledgeable guidance. And we can attest from abundant case wreckage, having an attorney who pretends to represent you without having gotten such guidance is like having a surgeon who’s never opened a belly before. It’s never going to be a pretty outcome.

Michael and I are staunch physician and patient advocates and want to ensure that our medical colleagues receive utmost fairness in these perilous dealings and, where indicated, are referred to the most appropriate, impartial and ethical programs to address any issues of legitimate concern with compassion and respect. We don’t want to see more physicians driven to despair and humiliation by these reckless agencies and be forced to helplessly witness their practices destroyed and their patients’ care needlessly and dangerously disrupted.

Don’t delay! Be sure to view with pen in hand – we’re confident you’ll come away with eyes opened and new ideas on how you might optimally approach these challenges.

Here’s the link to the replay and handout:

The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape

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