Superb resource document done by Michael Langan MD who authors and who has probably done more investigative research on the fraud that is the PHP movement than anyone. Some are examining more closely the flawed – if not fraudulent – basis of the study, e.g. the fact that the “participants” weren’t told they were part of a study and that the authors didn’t reveal they were not voluntary participants as is understood in the traditional sense of the word as relates to studies. Further, the authors did not reveal their vested interest in the facilities to which their PHP cronies refer.
This is sort of like the story of the corrupt judges who issued harsh juvenile detention sentences ordering the detainees to be sent to juvenile detention centers THEY OWNED. Only thing to make it even more exact – the judges could’ve published a study showing the excellent outcomes, this justifying their salvific “referral.” I guess they had a modicum of integrity left and knew that’d really be pushing the envelope. Those judges btw went to prison.